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Here is the first lesson in HOW TO SEW.


For left handers – look at the pictures in a mirror and follow the instructions.

Step 1

Take the thread and place between your thumb and first finger so that just a ‘dot’ at the end of the thread is showing.

Step 2

Press the eye of the needle down onto the ‘dot’ until the thread comes through the eye of the needle.

Step 4

Take the needle in your other hand and pull downwards so that the thread comes right through the needle.

Step 3

Close your thumb and first finger over the end of the thread and hold firmly


Sewing classes for Parents and Children

This coming half term between 12th and 16th February 2018 in my lovely workshop.

I think 2 hours of a morning would be the best idea. Then we’re really alert and able to concentrate.

Bring along your chosen project - be it making a toy or making or mending an item of clothing and we’ll have fun. If you just want to get the hang of how to use a sewing machine this would be the ideal opportunity. Contact me


                email me for details on venue and times


HOW TO TIE A “MAGIC” KNOT in 4 easy steps

Step  1

With your needle already threaded, hold the needle with your thumb and first finger. Then hold the end of the thread with your other hand and place it between your thumb and first finger with the needle.

Step 2

With your other hand, wind the thread around the needle 2 or 3 times. (More if you want a bigger knot)

Step 3

Hold the wound thread firmly between your thumb and first finger. Then pull the needle with your other hand drawing the needle through your thumb and first finger, until the wound thread leaves the needle and starts travelling down the thread towards the end.

Step 4

Keep on pulling until a knot appears at the end of the thread.



Sew body(s) together with right sides together (RST). Leave a 2 inch opening at the neck. Turn right side out with a blunt knitting needle or a chop stick and stuff with fleece stuffing.


Place fleece stuffing onto the circle of white fabric.

These dolls are made using my doll making kits. Please go to my shop to find out where to go to buy one.

Bring the edges of the white fabric together around the fleece and then wind the shorter length of twine around the “neck”and tie off firmly.

Wind the other length of twine tightly around the centre of the head to create shaping at eye level. Tie off firmly.


Decide which side of the head should be the front. Place skin onto the stuffed head, stretching firmly into place with pins. You may need to trim the skin if it is fitting too loosely.

Sew the seams of the skin together, tucking edges under to achieve a neat join.

Push neck into neck opening. Add extra stuffing at this stage if necessary. Sew neck opening firmly together around the neck and to the neck.


With RST and with 4mm seams sew  A to A, B to B and leave open at C for ear slit. Sew D to D  and leave open at E. Sew a 7 or 8mm hem along F.


With RST sew each ear piece at dotted lines to create ear shaping. Then with RST, to make two ears, sew inner ears to outer ears. Turn both ears right side out.

Push ears into ear slits, tuck in the edges and sew into place.

Place hat on the head and sew hat firmly into place at neck.


Fold hat in half RST and sew from A to B. Hem the edge. Turn right side out.

Place the bell inside the hat and fit the hat onto the head. (If the doll is for a child over 5 years then you can sew the bell onto the outside of the hat if you wish.) Sew hat firmly into place around the neck and to the neck.


Push pins into the face to gauge the position of the eyes and mouth. Mark features with a pencil if necessary. (It is possible to buy fabric marker pens that “disappear” with heat treatment such as a hair drier or an iron)

The following photos show you how you can sew the eyes and mouth just using the pins as markers.

Sew eyes and mouth carefully with the thread provided.

Finish off all ends at the side of the head.


Sew hat to the head neatly around the edges of the face to fix it into position.

If you’d like to sew dimples - you’ll need to mark them first with pins and then sew them tightly pulling the thread out at the side of the head and then again through the dimple hole to make the mark stay in place.

Pull the hat back off the face and mark the hair line above where the hat comes to with pins. Sew the hair into place with the thread provided.

This is how to mark the eyes of an oriental face.


You have your very own hand made doll!