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I love choosing and collecting fabrics and always consider the environment when making my choices. Re and Up cycling is such fun and the way to go these days. I find I can make pretty much anything I like out of what I’ve collected. My grand daughter Edie here, is cuddling a doll I made for my daughter Jessica’s baby massage classes. And here’s my grandson showing off a squid costume I made for his 5th birthday.

If you would like to copy a favourite dress or make yourself a fancy dress for a party I’d love to help you. Having taught sewing for  few years now - I’ve experienced that pretty much anybody can sew anything - so if you fancy either making it yourself or having me make something for you please do contact me.


For Parents and Children

This coming half term between 12th and 16th February 2018 in my lovely workshop.

I think 2 hours of a morning would be the best idea.

Then we’re really alert and able to concentrate.

Bring along your chosen project - be it making a toy or making or mending an item of clothing and we’ll have fun. If you just want to get the hang of how to use a sewing machine this would be the ideal opportunity.

Contact me