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Hi! I’m Anna Ash .... welcome to I love Sewing!

THINGS I LOVE SEWING  Copies of favourite worn out dresses, Up-cycled Fashion Creations, Children’s Clothes and Toys, Authentic Period Costumes, Fancy Dress, basically anything that can be stitched!  

FUN SEWING CLASSES  Come and learn how to do it yourself with a group of other people who love sewing.  I can teach you pattern cutting and dressmaking too.

LET ME SEW IT FOR YOU!  If you have a special design in mind and can’t find it in the shops ... I can make it for you! Alterations are possible too.

Check out my blog page for fun and easy sewing tips, and about us for events and classes that I’m running.


On my blog page there’s some sewing lessons. They start off at the beginning -How to thread a needle and how to tie a knot at the end of the thread. The latest are my how to sew a doll instructions. There’s loads more places to find out how to sew and I’ll be pointing you to them, but if you’d like to be alerted as to when the next lesson is ready to view just email me and I’ll add you to my list of sewing lovers.